As a Kittiwake Guest, you will be issued your own membership number, allowing you to charge services and products in the Clubhouse and other areas.

You may use it for everything you need while visiting Quail Ridge … from green fees to drinks and dinner in the Clubhouse to enjoying the Fitness Center.

  • Clubhouse Dress Code
    • In keeping with our sense of pride and tradition, we maintain the following Clubhouse dress code which will be strictly enforced:
      • Appropriate golf and tennis attire is permitted in the Grille Room, Quail’s Nest and Patio during lunch, except for special functions.
      • Workout clothing, bare midriffs, tank tops, tee shirts, short shorts, cargo shorts, bathing attire, beachwear, denim clothing (except white denim), flip-flops, sliders, and bare feet are not acceptable in the Clubhouse at any time.
      • Men are not permitted to wear any form of headgear in the Clubhouse or on the Patio. They also must wear a shirt with a collar. Shirts must be tucked in unless it has a square cut tail.
      • Children’s dress should be in keeping with the standards set for adults.
      • When extending an invitation to guests, please in- form them of the dress code so that neither you nor they will be placed in an awkward situation. Members and guests must be attired in a manner befitting their presence in the Club.
      • Dress Code varies according to events. Please consult your dining schedule or Clubhouse staff for assistance if in doubt.

  • Golf Dress Code
    • Proper attire must be worn at all times on the golf courses, as well as in any golf practice area (driving range, putting green, short game practice area). The dress code shall apply to adults as well as children. The dress code shall also apply to all guests, family guests and rental guests.

      1. Shorts are permissible attire for both men and women provided they are Bermuda length or walking shorts. Shorts, skorts and skirts may not be shorter than 4” above the knee for both men and women.

      2. Men must wear collared shirts, however, short sleeve and long sleeve mock turtle-neck shirts are permissible. Women may wear collared shirts or they may wear designer collarless golf shirts, but tee shirts are not acceptable. Women may wear sleeveless golf shirts with a collar. All men must tuck their shirts in. Ladies may wear their shirts out as designed.

      3. Jogging shorts, cut-offs, cargo shorts, denim shorts, tennis shorts, bathing suits, tank tops, tee shirts, or blue jeans are not acceptable attire.

      4. Golf shoes with soft spikes or tennis shoes must be worn. No metal spike is acceptable.5. Hats must be worn in the proper manner. They may not be worn backwards. The Golf Shop staff shall have the right to deny play on the courses or practice areas to anyone not dressed accordingly.

      The Golf Shop staff shall have the right to deny play on the courses or practice areas to anyone not dressed accordingly.

  • Tennis Dress Code
    • Appropriate tennis attire is required for all players. Male players must wear tennis industry (col- lar or collarless “crew”) shirts. Females must wear tennis industry tops & skirts or shorts. Only tennis shoes designed for clay courts are permitted (cross trainers are not permitted). Cargo pants, jeans, cut-offs, work-out attire, golf shorts, Bermuda shorts, boxer shorts, tops exposing the mid-section, or dresses that are either too short or too tight are not permitted.

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