Hall of Fame

Our History … Our Legacy … Our Future

On August 25, 2006, the Quail Ridge Country Club Board of Governors established its Hall of Fame, which from time to time recognizes present and former members who have distinguished themselves as outstanding athletes in golf and other sports, both on the amateur and professional levels. 
Every country club should have a link to its past, a track to its history… a story of the club and its members! You can see the link to Quail Ridge's history by learning about the Hall of Fame inductees. These individuals represent a country club history like no other. 
Since its beginnings, Quail Ridge has always attracted very talented sports figures. From Ralph Bogart, winner of the Maryland Amateur ten times to Sam Snead, one of the most heralded PGA professionals in the history of the game, to Bruce Karr, a member of the wheelchair sports Hall of Fame and Wheelchair Olympics. It's undeniable, a legacy to its past through great athletics, as well as members of Quail Ridge Country Club. 
Most clubs either don't know their history, or don't care. Not Quail Ridge, we know our history. We care and want all our members to know and be proud of its past and present. The Hall of Fame room presents a great story of the history of Quail Ridge and its incredible members.
Please take some time to visit the Quail Ridge Hall of Fame Room and discover the accomplishments of so many of our members, current and past. 
  • Hall of Fame Memorabilia
    • Collage of Dale Morey, runner up in the 1953 US Amateur

      Torch carried by Bruce Karr in the 1996 Wheelchair Olympics

      Robert Cochran's 1961 US Walker Cup Jacket

      Sam Snead, American Professional Golfer, Memorabilia Collection.

  • Hall of Fame Inductees
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      Class of 2007
      Ralph Bogart & Dale Morey

      Class of 2008
      Bruce Karr, Harreld Kirkpatrick & John Owens

      Class of 2009
      Lt. Gen. William J. Ely & Claude Harmon

      Class of 2010
      Robert M. Hardy

      Class of 2011
      Dr. Robert V. Harris & Samuel Snead

      Class of 2012
      Robert E. Cochran, Sr. & Morris B. Beecroft, Jr.

      Class of 2013
      Ches Riddle & Norman Swenson

      Class of 2014
      Ronnie Grove & Bob Kuntz

      Class of 2015
      Charlie Bowie